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Women Trafficking Today

History has to bear witness to the heinous and inhuman practice of trafficking women and children who are sold into slavery, prostitution, and labor. This illegal practice of transporting, transferring, recruiting and ultimately selling women as if they are goods has continued to persist even in this era of globalization and technological advancements. What seemed to be an improvement in the modern age has actually proven to be an additional advantage for organizations that are trafficking into and within nations. Nowadays, human traffickers have even established their own stations or recruitment groups in the more impoverished countries in the world.
Just like in the earlier years, women who come from less developed countries still makeup the majority of the victims in this human trade. According to the US State Department, approximately 640,000 women are being transported illegally into the United States every year, the majority of which are being sold as sex slaves, while the rest are forced into labor. Women coming from Asian, African and South American countries, where the literacy rate is still lower than the rest of the world, are constantly recruited in the guise of “better, high-paying jobs.” Once they arrive in the country, though, they are already stripped off their possessions and are coerced into prostitution.
These countries have been dubbed as “nurseries” for human traffickers.

Trafficking is actually not very far from home. Only recently, the government has discovered that this inhumane conduct is actually being practiced within the United States. It is estimated that around 325,000 American minors are actually in the potential risk of being sexually exploited. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released reports stating 47,472 American girls who have been caught in 2006 were identified as runaways. Studies indicate that there is actually a high risk for these girls to be coerced into prostitution, given that they are unprotected by adults. Certain cities within United States bear proof of this claim. In San Francisco, 96% of women who are prostituted ran away from their homes, while in Boston and Chicago the percentage also seems significant at 72% and 56% respectively.
According to researches, sex traffickers normally approach adolescents who seem to just have recently run away from home. It is during these periods that minors appear lost, unguarded, and vulnerable. They recognize the weaknesses that these young escapees have such as the lack funds, places to sleep in, or even the skills to get a job, making it easier for traffickers to manipulate them.
Today, a lot of organizations are already formed globally and within the country in order to address this prevailing issue. National organizations such as the Polaris Project and international organizations like the United Nations Office and Crimes are teaming up with authorities on different cities and countries in order to provide a solution to this long-standing problem. The US Department of Justice also provides assistance to victims of the crime. For adult women who have been forced, intimidated and transferred in the country for purposes of sex or labor trafficking, they can approach the US Department of Human Health Services for assistance. Minors who are survivors of trafficking are eligible to receive benefits from the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program.

There are existing laws concerning human trafficking, there are still no major studies which provide the perfect solution to prevent this type of crime. Being a victim of human trafficking is a traumatic experience, and that is why the government and some NGOs provide promising programs in order to assist them in their recovery process.

Residential Violence Discrimination Against Men

Domestic violence is a trouble that goes across gender, culture and also race lines. For the most part it is females who are the sufferers of abuse as well as physical violence but in some cases the domestic physical violence is committed against the guys in the partnership. Unfortunately due to their sex, domestic physical violence discrimination against men frequently exists. In a globe where physical violence and also abuse usually falls on the shoulders of the males, when they come to be the victims it ends up being tough for them to discover the help and support that is should assist them and also their youngsters.

Several states deny access to sustain offered to ladies that experience from residential abuse based solely on their gender. In 2005, at the end of Residential Violence Awareness month a class action fit was filed against the state of California when several gentlemen were denied access to 2 various support companies.

In the case of David Woods he was denied gain access to which triggered troubles for both himself as well as his little girl, now 21 year old Meegan. Partner, Ruth, recognizes that she was violent and also believes that her hubby ought to have received services. She has actually undergone therapy but states that this violent pattern could return leaving her companion inevitable.

Study has also shown that kids who observe physical violence of one moms and dad against the other program signs of emotional damage as they grow older. There are some research studies that connect this observant actions of violence to alcohol addiction as the children maturate while various other researches also link it to continuing abuse in their own relationships.

According to the National Violence Versus Female Study co-sponsored by the Division of Justice as well as the CDC roughly 834,732 men were raped or literally assaulted by an intimate partner. This makes up 36% of all reports being guys. And in the state of California, in a record from their Study Bureau, they reported that there went to least 4600 males who looked for sanctuary after residential physical violence in 2003. And also there was one sanctuary in L.a that reported even more men than females that were looking for sanctuary.

In an University of Pennsylvania Emergency Room Research they reported 12% of the victims assaulted by an intimate partner were male. (1).

In a job by Richard J. Gelles, Ph.D. writer of The Surprise Side of Domestic Violence: Male Victims he mentioned:” [C] ontrary to the insurance claim that ladies just hit in protection, we found that ladies were as likely to initiate the physical violence as were men. In order to fix for a feasible predisposition in reporting, we reexamined our data looking only at the self-reports of females. The ladies reported similar prices of female-to-male physical violence as compared to male-to-female, and also females additionally reported they were as likely to launch the physical violence as were males.”.

Females might be apt to initiate physical violence they are commonly the victim due to the fact that they are typically literally weaker compared to they companion and both are vulnerable to violence. But in many cases men aren t ready to literally fight back and come to be the target at the hands of their partner.

The National Daddies Source Center claims the price of residential violence continued by ladies is also at a higher rate 50% instead of the 34% reported by the Workplace of Violence Against Female. (2).

Whatever the numbers or the origins the reality continues to be that there is residential violence discrimination against males most likely from the years and also centuries of misuse that women have withstood. Two misdoings don t make one right and also the absence of recognition of the misuse versus guys doesn t make up for the years of misuse against females. It just makes the entire circumstance even worse.

The boosting physical violence of ladies, typically believed to be the fairer sex, indicate the boosting amount of physical violence in our society. When ladies and also men think violence to be the solution for resolving problems and issues then neither one is best and both are wrong.

It will just be through strong advocacy as well as work that the civil liberties of both men and women in residential violence cases are effectively represented and also properly dealt with. Not only are the men victims but so are their kids. Study has revealed that children that endure by their moms and dads through either experience or observation of an additional parent being over used, grow up with the very same psychological damage as if they had actually experienced the misuse themselves.

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